Insulate and protect your Onya Stainless Steel Drink Bottle with this wetsuit style reusable drink bottle jacket.

Onya Drink Bottle Jacket

  • Designed to fit your Onya Stainless Steel Drink Bottle, our black drink bottle jacket is made from premium neoprene and has a heavy duty carabiner so you can easily clip to your bag or backpack to always have your reusable drink bottle ‘on ya’.

    With our drink bottle jacket, you will find your drinks stay fresh and delicious for longer, and your bottle is protected from wear and tear.

    • Our Premium Neoprene easily passes the new Reach38 toxicity test
    • Completely free from the nasty toxins associated with normal neoprene.
    • Less energy and petroleum used to manufacture
    • Tougher with greater insulating qualities than normal neoprene
    • 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

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