Free2BU Night cloth pads are longer with a flared back to give you ultimate coverage and protection.


  • 33cms in length
  • 7 layers of bamboo cotton, backed with waterproof designer fabric

Absorbency level:
Suitable for bladder leakage, overnight use and for those who prefer the security the extra length gives for use throughout the day.

Night Cloth Pad

  • How to use?

    Simply place the cloth pad with the floral print towards your underwear, fold the wings under and around the gusset of your underwear and secure the pad with the snaps. The white bamboo topper goes against your skin.

    Which pad size is best?

    S - Our Panty liners are 21cms in length and consist of 3 layers of bamboo cotton and are backed with waterproof PUL. These pads are suitable for light discharge and spotting and also as back up when using a cup.


    M - Our Day-Flo pads are 27cms in length and consist of 6 layers of bamboo cotton and are backed with waterproof PUL. Regardles if your mesntrual flow is light of heavy these pads are always ready! Perfect for daily use. Super absorbent and ultrathin! 

    L - Night pads are 33cms in length and consist of 7 layers of bamboo cotton and backed with waterproof PUL. Suitable for night use or for those who prefer a bit more pad length and coverage for daily use.

    XL - Maternity pads are 38cms in length and consist of 6 layers of bamboo cotton and backed with waterproof PUL. Suitable for use after birth or even for night use for those who prefer more length and coverage.

  • Dealing with soiled pads when out and about

    Fold one end of your pad to the centre, then the other end to the center and then fold the wings to the centre and clip to secure. Make to fold the absorbent side to the inside of the pad, you should be able to see the pretty print on the outside. 

    Place the folded pad inside a mini wetbag and zip closed. Rinse clean once home.

    Washing your pads

    There are two options when washing your pads and there is no right or wrong.


    Option 1:

    Rinse soiled pad in cold water until water runs clear.

    Place pad in a basket or bucket with good ventilation.

    Put through the wash with your regular laundry load - wash only in cold water!

    Hang to dry in the sun or tumble dry on LOW heat.


    Option 2:

    Rinse soiled pad under cold water until water runs clear.

    Soak pads in cold water in a bucket with a bit of laundry detergent.

    Soak overnight and then put in with next laundry load.

    Ensure to change soak water daily, until washing day.

    • Remember to wash only in cold water, otherwise it will set the stains.
    • Do not use fabric softener as this will effect the pads absorbency.
    • Ensure pads are dried properly prior to storing away

    Stain Removal

    If you experience stains try scrubbing your pads with one of the suggestions below to remove the stain.


    • Sard Laundry Bar or Sard stain removal spray
    • Sunlight soap - an oldie but a goodie! My grandmother swore by this soap!
    • A laundry booster, added in your washing load. Sard booster is amazing!

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